Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Fault In Our Stars: A Book Review

After ALA's Youth Media Awards, which was  – live, free and online – (yes, my head almost exploded as I watched it in the workroom that morning, it was THAT awesome), and after compiling my list of ALL THE WINNERS to read, I realized that there was one winner that I had read, and enjoyed SO much that I just had to write a review.

The Odyssey award winner The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I'm telling you, if you've not read it, go check it out... I'll wait while you run to the shelf or place your hold....

                                                                 My official review: 

     Sixteen year old Hazel Lancaster has been diagnosed with stage IV thyroid cancer which has spread to her lungs. One day as she begrudgingly attends her Cancer Support Group, she meets Augustus Waters, who immediately has eyes for her. 
     Augustus guides Hazel on a journey, focusing on her strengths and passions and keeps her from showing any signs of weakness.  In turn, Hazel finds a love she never thought possible, a courage she didn’t know she had, and a joy that she thought she was incapable of feeling.  
    Green describes the raw emotions of the two main characters unlike other books about this subject. He writes about cancer and its side effects honestly through the eyes of a teenager and takes the reader into the heart of two teenagers in love.

So now that you've all had a chance to take my advice and read (or reread) The Fault In Our Stars, I have to tell you about these amazing book-inspired Fault In Our Stars cupcakes! Check out the video from BEA and HuffPost Books – and I guarantee your mouth will be watering!

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