Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The pressure to read...is ON

...or maybe it's just me?

You know that feeling … your book club meets next week and you promised to review that other new book on your blog or for a review publication…but really, all you want to do is take the pressure off and curl up with a book that YOU want to read WHEN you want to read it? Put aside the pressure to read’ for once. 

As I continue on my ever evolving reading path, as a reader and as a librarian (sometimes this adds pressure – go figure J ), I have found that my reading tastes tend to go in spurts. One week I’m die hard YA dystopian novels, the next week I’m die hard YA romance, and then the next week I want all fantasy/sci-fi OR on a completely different note,  contemporary women’s fiction. 

Do you “make peace” with your books and just force yourself through them as your deadline approaches, or do you kick them  to the curb to pick up later when you’re more in the mood?

 Do you   attend your book club meeting, book unread?  Do you still review it on your blog, just later? 

Whoever thought reading could be stressful!?  

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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