Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to the Official BEA 2012 Librarian Blogger!

Before we introduce the 2012 Official BEA Librarian Blogger, we want to thank the 2011 Official BEA Librarian Blogger, Jill Dugas Hughes. We appreciate all of Jill’s work in helping BEA with our Librarian Blog for the 2011 event.

Now we would like to welcome the 2012 Official BEA Librarian Blogger: Julie Jurgens, Youth Services Librarian from Chicago, IL. Julie loves science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction, and can't imagine beginning the day without a good cup of coffee! Before attending library school, Julie (or Miss Julie if you're under 10) worked in early childhood education, which is a topic she'll gladly talk to you about as long as you let her. You can follow her on twitter at, and, of course, here on the Official BEA Librarian Blog!

Please give Julie a warm welcome to the BEA blogosphere. We’re thrilled to be working with Julie for 2012 and look forward to her thoughts, insights, and to her creating some dynamic conversations with all our Librarian followers about the industry and BEA!