Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year, BEA buddies! We’re only a couple of weeks into 2012 and I’ve already read a couple of great books, including The Shattering by Karen Healey and Sparks : the epic, completely true blue, (almost) holy quest of Debbie by S.J. Adams. As I continue into the year, I wanted to share with you some reading resolutions I’ve come up with for myself:

1. Read outside of my comfort zone.
For my job, I read a lot of picture books and other juvenile materials (beginning readers, chapter books, board books, etc), and for leisure reading I read a lot of young adult and science fiction and fantasy. I harbor no reading shame, but I also feel a bit of need to flex the critical reading skills I acquired in college. I have a Virginia Woolf book sitting on my shelf (which was a gift from a beloved college professor) that I have yet to read. I also have a lovely hardcover edition of Ulysses that my late mother bought for me ages ago that I want to have a go at, perhaps while eating a proper Irish breakfast somewhere.

2. Do a better job of tracking my reading in Goodreads.
I use goodreads to sort books that I’ve read into categories that I can turn to when I get reader’s advisory questions, or when I need books for a storytime. I am pretty good about tracking my reading, but I need to be more diligent about it, and do a better job with making notes about how I use certain books, or which books would suit which readers.

3. Be more willing to let books go.
I, like everyone else, only have so much time--yet I have this terrible habit of sticking with books far longer than I should. I’ve spent days reading books that bring me absolutely no enjoyment, but I have this sick need to finish what I’ve started. (And when that book happens to be the first in a series? Oh mylanta.) So I’m resolving to stick to a 50 page rule and let books go if they’re not doing it for me.

How about you--do you have any reading resolutions for the new year? And what books have you started off 2012 with?