Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Will the World of eBooks Influence Libraries?

The world of eBooks has opened my realm of access to books in a whole new way. I have read more books on my iPad in the past few months on a whim, than I have purchased in traditional print format. I have to admit, while I was intrigued with the technology, I was not prepared to love eBooks as much as I do. I will certainly continue reading the traditional way most of the time, including when I read books to my children, read on the beach (although who has time for that these days as a working mother!), or early dawn reading in bed. However, professional reading, research, and last minute book club crams all fit into the eBook “must” category for me! Now, the next step, is to determine what role “library world” is going to take in shaping their interface with the cultural eBook phenomenon.

Library Journal’s Mover & Shaker, Stephanie Chase, reports:

“If the publishing industry and the makers of the devices can work together and continue to improve the reader experience with ebooks, particularly with how to access the titles and download them, it will be an exciting time for readers, print or electronic! So very much gets printed these days (I believe I read it was over one million books last year?!), publishers have the opportunity to again focus on the cream of the crop, and give us readers well-written, beautifully formatted books.”

I agree. Perhaps the real issue is to figure out a way for libraries to prove to publishers, and distributors that we can provide direct access to customers. Libraries offer opportunities for potential customers to taste just enough to want to purchase it for their own collections. As libraries, we do a fantastic job as selling ourselves as the “peoples university, providing free access for all, creating opportunities and reducing divides.” However, many times, we miss the critical economic development piece.

Libraries are vehicles for economic development. We have over 120 thousand libraries in the United States with over 2 billion items borrowed in public libraries alone. That is 7.7 items per capita. Imagine if each of those individuals bought just one eBook after borrowing an eBook, game, or music from the library as a test.

Imagine if libraries and publishers worked together to meet both of their needs. Perhaps it is time to take the “advanced reader” concept a bit further. According to The State of America’s Libraries, ALA, About 5,400 public libraries now offer e-books, as well as digitally downloadable audiobooks. But circulation is expanding quickly. The number of checkouts had grown to more than 1 million by October 2009 from 607,275 in all of 2007.”

Both Chase and I attended BookExpo America for the first time last year, in 2009. We both liked the programming geared towards librarians. Chase noted “the "speed dating" program where publishers quickly highlighted their Fall picks, and the chance to have an extra visit with my favorite library marketing team from Macmillan. I also enjoyed hearing authors speak, in a smaller setting, about their work -- particularly if the event was geared towards librarians. Library Journal's programming track is a good example of this, as well as the programs the library marketing teams from the publishing houses hold. Having a Librarian Networking event, where we can meet fellow librarians we may only know online, would be a wonderful experience -- last year, at the Random House breakfast, I sat next to a librarian whose blog I follow, and we struck up a friendship. This alone made BEA a most worthwhile experience.”

Personally, I would love to have a moderated session where publishers, distributors, and librarians came together to discuss ways work together in the future to create the next generation of readers in a mutually beneficial way, using the latest technology to enhance the amazing talent of the writers who share their stories. Readers - what do you think? Perhaps the question ought to be "How Will the World of Libraries Influence eBooks?"



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Friday, September 24, 2010

Homework Struggles and Inspirational Reads For Kids

I planned to write about new releases, read-a-louds for teachers for the fall... but instead, I spent the majority of my Sunday morning/early afternoon struggling to keep my second grader “on task” with her homework. Even as a parent, educator, and librarian I have difficulty masking my own desire to insert a “big yawn” when the word homework is mentioned. Learning is fun; homework: NEVER fun. Hmm.. I began to think- how can I motivate my child to see the value of homework, and perhaps even begin to have fun with homework? The first thing which popped into my mind was to make a game out of it, put on my “silly hat” and begin to entertain my child... but... then the realistic “facts of life” side of me decided otherwise, and so I turned to my trusty helpers- books. What great books where the main character masters homework could I find? Here is a list of books (mostly read-a-louds) designed to help a parent, tutor, teacher, or mentor conquer the daily homework struggle, all through the motivation of stories...

Zip, Zip…Homework by Nancy Poydar

Mama Rex & T: Homework Trouble by Rachel Vail & Steve Bjorkman

Time for School, Mouse! by Laura Joffe Numeroff
Dragons do eat homework by Marcia Thornton Jones
Fancy Nancy: The dazzling book report by Jane O'Connor, Robin

Preiss-Glasser and Ted Enik

Helping Hand Books: Emily’s First Day at School by Sarah Dutchess of York

ALL of these authors have been guests at Book Expo America! In fact, last year, Sarah Dutchess of York was Master of Ceremonies at the BEA Opening Children’s Book and Author Breakfast! Do you have any suggestions to add to this list?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Common-Ground Through Literature


What do Zeitoun (Dave Eggers), The Help (Kathryn Stockett), The Things They Carried (Tim O'Brien), and Outcasts United (Warren St. John) have in common?


All titles have been chosen as 2010 “One Book” titles in community read programs sponsored by their local library(s). Community read programs have multiplied since the Washington Center for the Book, led by Nancy Pearl, hosted author Russell Banks in 1998 to discuss his book The Sweet Hereafter, followed by four days of related events.

The ultimate goal: to connect the diversity of the larger community together through the shared experience of reading and discussing one book. The mission is noble, to create commonality out of literature. Increasingly, libraries have embraced their role as the communities living room or the new town green.

Attached are some highlights of my favorite “One Book” programs for 2010 from past BEA guests.

One City One Book/ San Francisco Public Library: Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers

One Book One Denver/ Denver Public Library: The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

One Book, One Community/ Danbury Public Library, Danbury Public Schools, Western CT State University: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

One Maryland One Book: Outcasts United by Warren St. John

Should your library be included on this list? Share your most successful event, or the reasons you chose the book. Don’t forget to tell us the name of your library!

Happy reading and here’s to long lasting and ever changing “One Book” programs which reflect the diversity of the greater world in which we exist.

The Center for the Book, Library of Congress keeps a running list of community read programs; searchable by country, region, or state:


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to the Official BEA 2011 Librarian Blogger!

Before we introduce the Official BEA 2011Librarian Blogger, we want to thank the Official BEA 2010 Librarian Blogger, Theresa Webster. We appreciate all of Theresa’s work in helping BEA launch our Librarian Blog for the 2010 event.

Without further ado, we would like to welcome the Official BEA 2011 Librarian Blogger: Jill Dugas Hughes, executive director, Connecticut Library Consortium—a multi-type consortium helping to stretch the dollars for 850 member libraries in CT.

Jill brings a dynamic combination of library leadership and development expertise with the ultimate goal to encourage libraries and librarians alike to take risks and make the commitment to stay cutting edge.

“I believe in the value of collaboration and partnership. Libraries are forces for economic development, and are the ultimate equalizers. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power,” Jill Dugas Hughes said.

Jill began her library career in NYS, where she earned an MLS from SUNY Buffalo and directed the Red Jacket Community Library, a combination public and K-12 school library. She also coordinated annual giving and community outreach programs for libraries. Jill has worked as a school librarian in Bridgeport, CT before spearheading what became Connecticut's first-ever library referendum campaign, resulting in a guaranteed 1 mill of the city budget allocated to the Bridgeport Public Library. Jill also has expertise in grant writing and oversight, marketing, web development, and project management, as well as experience in non-profits, academia, and library service to children.

Please give Jill a warm welcome to the BEA blogosphere. We look forward to her thoughts, insights, and to her creating some dynamic conversations with all our Librarian followers about the industry and BEA!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Day of BEA

This is it - last chance to walk around the exhibits and pick up books, bags and other cool stuff. Say thanks to all the great publishers, authors and the other cool people that have made this a fin filled experience.

I hope you also enjoyed the seminars and panels, I won't ask if you took notes since the pop quizzes have been cancelled. Did you make any new friends?

Did anyone make it to any of the special events held by New York Public libraries? What about the events in the bookstores? I hope we all had a wonderful time and look forward to next year's experience.

Thanks for following along on my journey through Book Expo America 2010 and travel safely home.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 2 Book Expo America

90 degrees today - I will try to stay inside the Convention Center and enjoy the air conditioning - meanwhile I have wallowed in joy with all book and bag giveaways taking place all over the Exhibits floor -- I also congratulated quite a few of my favorite authors on producing great books and characters (but I need to talk to the publishers about getting more books from them throughout the year) -- I sat through a couple of panels related to my young adults and wove in and out of the autograph lines to check out booths.

As I mentioned yesterday, checking out the layout has helped me get from Point A to Point B rather quickly, but I still have to figure out how to be in two places at the same time - any hints?

Thanks again to all the great authors - keep up the good work and happy reading everyone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 1 Book Expo America

First, I have to warn you that the weather is warmer than I expected (I can't get over the cooler temp in Los Angeles) - second, the New Yorkers have been quite welcoming and helpful. Thirdly, the Convention Center is filled with all sorts of delights -- I have already decided that I need to figure out how to drive off with the Penguin Mini Cooper, and I can't wait for the Exhibits to open on Wednesday.

Remember that tonight will showcase Barbara S's interview, make sure you get your tickets and if you can check out the layout of the convention center today, so that tomorrow will be smooth sailing all around - though the Information Booths are staffed by helpful people that will point you in the right direction if you get lost.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BEA is just around the corner

Five days until I fly to New York. Who has the time machine?

Take note that Early Bird Discounts end tonight, May 19th, at Midnight Eastern time. So if you haven't registered already, please do take advantage of the special discounts provided for Librarians and groups. Consider $95 for a 3-Day Pass or $60 for a 1-Day Pass for individual Librarians. Register Here. Email Diana Press at for more details on the special offers for group visitors. This offer does end soon, perhaps sooner than you think.

I checked out the list of authors (woo hoo!) that will be visiting each day, looked over the Event at a Glance to get an idea of what to expect, and I took advantage of the special fares that Amtrak is providing for BEA visitors.

However, I need to finish planning my schedule for the three days to ensure that each and every day is packed with excitement. So I know to check out the New Title Showcase to find out what I might enjoy reading later this year, visit the YA Editors Buzz Weds. afternoon, stop by the exhibits of course, and see how New York City handles celebrating Book Week - maybe they will have a parade of authors handing out free books?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Last chance to register in advance…

This is it folks - your last chance to register and save with the special librarian rates and the group discount rates. Librarians benefit with special discounts - $95 for a 3-Day Pass or $60 for a 1-Day Pass. Register Here. Group visitors please email Diana Press to find out about the group discount deals at

In addition to Book Expo America it will also be the first New York Book Week from Monday, May 24th through to Friday, May 28th - including special author programs at New York Public Libraries, Brooklyn Public Libraries, and at various book stores. So come celebrate the printed word, savor the smells of freshly printed text and honor the books from our past, present and future. Join in the fun that will be the 2010 Book Expo America which starts in less than two weeks.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have you checked out BEA's Special Events yet?

Have you ever had to remind someone that the world revolves around you? Well Book Expo America understands, they have created a HEAVENLY HAVEN just for us Librarians! Don't believe me? Start by checking out the special events they set up for us to enjoy! Consider also the fact that they set-up a Librarian Lounge for us to hang out and we have a Reading Room brought to us by our best advertisers - Unshelved! (Who needs Dilbert when you work in a Public, School or Academic Library? Okay, maybe the Special Librarians that work for various corporate institutions, but remember we outnumber them!) I know what Dewey would do - he would sign up to join in this year's BEA fun, after all he did hang out at BEA in 2008 - check out the comic strips documenting his 2008 visit if you haven't read them already.

Just like a good book, BEA is an opportunity for us to take a break from our everyday lives and relish the joys found in good books, meet great authors and the publishing companies that provide us with those books and their authors. For more details check out and register for the best three day event that you don't have to leave behind in New York (hearts are optional). In fact, please do take it home with you and share the experience with everyone that misses coming with you this year!

Once again, librarians save with special librarian rates and group discounts - $95 for a 3-Day Pass or $60 for a 1-Day Pass. Register Here. If you are traveling in a group – email Diana Press at for information on the specials for group discounts.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Counting down the days...

Less than five weeks until Book Expo America opens in New York City - three days doesn't seem to be enough time to cover all the fun and excitement scheduled to take place. I wonder if I still have time to clone myself so I can see everything and be everywhere to catch all the fun. I'll try to ignore the fact that the 8:00 am start time will be 5:00 am for my body and cross my fingers that the jet lag doesn't ruin the fun - after all I don't want to return to Los Angeles with author autographs written on me in permanent ink, right?

Come join the fun and help me witness all the festivities - bring your friends and co-workers and get discounts on your reservations! Remember that Librarians benefit from special BEA discounts - $95 for a 3-Day Pass or $60 for a 1-Day Pass. Register Here. If you are traveling in a group – email Diana Press – for more information on the group discount.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Book Expo America is going Digital!

While you are at Book Expo America this year, you can take a closer look at content, devices, applications and technology from leading providers. This will allow us to keep up with the trends that are happening in the world around us. Find out more by checking out the following link.

Just think, someday soon we might find our ebook collections have higher circs than the physical collection. I won't go into the bionic possibilities of having the e-reader installed during cosmetic procedures - that's too out of this world for the moment, right?

Don't forget to register in advance for BEA, librarians can save with special librarian rates and group discounts. Librarians special discounts include - $95 for a 3-Day Pass or $60 for a 1-Day Pass. Register Here. If you are traveling within a group – email Diana Press – to find out more about the group discount and register your group for additional savings.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The title says it all - Barbra Streisand will be headlining this year's BookExpo America in New York! Check out the Opening Night Keynote Reception on Tuesday, May 25th in the Special Events Hall. All registered attendees will be admitted to listen to the interview about her soon to be published book My Passion for Design (covering the taste and style that have inspired the design and decorations involved in her extraordinary homes and private collections), due out on November 16, 2010 by Viking Publishers.

After visiting the Opening Night Reception make sure you don't miss the Big Ideas at BEA Conference -- you will find a world of ideas, information and insights awaiting you -- discover all new content rich education sessions that have been specially developed by industry experts just for librarians! Learn more about Big Ideas at:

In addition, there is also the Global Market Forum dealing with Spanish Publishing and offering special cultural activities throughout NY City at literary landmarks during the BookExpo Conference:

So please don't forget, Librarians benefit from special discounts - $95 for a 3-Day Pass or $60 for a 1-Day Pass. Register Here. If you are traveling in a group – email my friend Diana Press – for group discount information and registration. There is only a month left for Early Bird registration -- think about it, spring in New York City, with books, publishers and your fellow librarians...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's new this week

Have you been checking out BEA's site - did you notice that there will be 500 authors that we will be able to meet and some of the 500 authors will be autographing books! Others will be sharing breakfast (no food fights please!) and words of wisdom with us from the Author Stages and booths.

If you haven't already noticed the Special Events schedule here's the link: check it out and plan your visit to this year's Book Expo America.

Registered Librarians have special rates for the individual ($95 for a three day pass or $60 for a day pass) and group discounts are also available - so bring a group to share in the fun - email Diana Press to learn more and sign up for the group discount at!

I'm off to the Public Library Association conference in Portland, OR. next week. I plan to check in at the Book Expo America Booth while at PLA to find out more about this year's BEA convention in New York. Why don't you stop by and check BEA out too.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congratulations, you are a winner!

I am so happy to be traveling back to the east coast this May for Book Expo America - especially since I have never experienced Book Expo America in New York City. My first trip to Book Expo America took place here in Los Angeles and I didn't get to spend as much time checking things out due to having to work during their visit. However, this year I get to take part in the fun from Tuesday, May 25th through to Thursday, May 27th.

Who wouldn't want to hang out with other librarians, authors, publishers and especially the BOOKS! So come join in the fun and spend some time in New York at Book Expo America, bring a friend and follow my adventures as the BEA blogging librarian.