Wednesday, May 11, 2011

eBooks and Publishers Demystified at BEA

How many of you really understand what the emerging eBook models distribution models actually entail?

As librarians, we know that eBooks is an inevitable, exciting time, which has created a buzz in our communities and some incredible challenges to the traditional library book circulation models. Almost as fast as I type, the eBook landscape is changing. No sooner thank we wrap our heads around the (need I say *challenges*) of the subscription model, we hit a brick wall with DRM *licensing* changes (26 anyone?)

Luckily in this information revolution world we are in, ways to examine this phenomenon are everywhere. Here are just a few that I can think of off of the top of my head! Please share your own experiences too...

Library Journal paved the way last year with their 2010 virtual eBook Summit. More than 2,500 librarians, publishers, vendors, and leaders came together to begin a shared conversation.

In 2005, Ohio was ahead of their time when they formed the state wide collaborative Ohio eBook Project.

COSLA released an eBook Feasibility Report for Public Libraries xxx which the call for a national buying pool was hotly reported by Library Journal.

Here in Connecticut, we responded by presenting a sold-out Trendspotting Symposium; eBooks: Collections at the Crossroads. Eli Neiburger rallied the troops with his keynote and a panel of industry leaders including Josh Marwell, Senior Editor, Harper Collins led to yet another Library Journal Article where the uncertain future of the 26 circulation model was brought to a national stage.

If you are anything like most librarians, the more you know about the eBook generation, the more you are craving to be part of the excitement. BEA is hosting a fantastic panel, moderated by Josh Hadro. I'm excited! Are you?

Selling Trade ebooks to Libraries: The Real Deal
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
11:00AM - 12:00PM

Location: 1E16
"In the last few years libraries have perceived a chilling effect in regard to trade ebook distribution models and library sales. Two of the ‘Big Six” publishers, Macmillan and Simon & Schuster do not sell ebooks to libraries. The new HarperCollins ‘26 Circs’ model via OverDrive has provoked anger in some and dismay in many. Librarians will discuss their ideas about how to transform ebook distribution models into a win/win for publishers, aggregators and library customers. These librarians will debunk the myths about libraries and ebooks How do libraries select ebooks? How can you facilitate sales via the library channel? What are the preferred terms of sale/lease, access models, etc.? Is piracy really a threat?"


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