Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What IS in a book club nowadays?

I was driving home from my book club the other night and I got to thinking: what makes a book club click? 

What types of books really get the conversation heated to the point where you don’t even need to consult your list of discussion questions because the conversation just flows?

Then I got to thinking about virtual book clubs, because, these days, everything is online and available as an app or blog  or even a video conference. 

That puts the whole notion of a book club on a different level – no longer face to face, but computer screen to computer screen, where people are interacting in the comments of a blog post, or over the airwaves in a Skype chat, or in a chatroom. 

But I think despite the varying ways a book club can be held – it all comes down to the people in it, the books they select, whether it be via consensus or picking from a hat – the book- weather read in print or electronic format being the glue that holds the group together. The discussion questions, weather thought out before or made up on the fly, drawing the readers together. 

Nancy Pearl also has some great ideas for book clubs: take a peek! 

Do you belong to a book club? Is it virtual or face to face? Do you think that makes a difference in the interactions at each meeting?

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