Monday, June 10, 2013

BEA leaves me breathless!

I know erotica is like ALL THE RAGE now but c'mon you guys, get your minds outta the gutter because .... just read ....

Please ‘scuse me while I catch my breath …. BEA was last week and after the catch up at work, I’m FINALLY able to fill you all in about ALL THE AWESOME that BEA had to offer.
I’m telling you guys, if you’ve not gotten the chance to go before, it is definitely worth the conversation with your library director or supervisor to  try to carve out a wee bit from the budget to attend because let me tell you – IT IS WORTH IT – and I’m not talking GET ALL THE ARCs worth it (that’s another post and also – gasp – NOT the angle I was going for when I got into this gig to begin with), I’m talking, expand your knowledge base, learn how to promote your library, meet amazing people in the industry, get a first peek at upcoming titles, really feel the LOVE for LIBRARIANS and libraries – WORTH IT.

At first I was a little discouraged that ALL the people were there to snag ALL THE ARCs – but then I saw the STANDING ROOM ONLY panel sessions and my theory was quickly squashed because you guys – these sessions were not your typical run of the mill – gather librarians for a panel – session – these sessions included presenters from the BIG 6 publishers, Twitter, ALA, and then some! Like TOP NOTCH people folks! Like, you have a question, you ask it DIRECTLY to the publisher or editor on the panel – AND you GET AN ANSWER! Talk about exhilarating! 

In addition to the panel sessions, I was fortunate enough to attend a couple of the Books & Authors breakfasts (more on that love in a separate post), as well as wonder the Exhibit Hall and run into a certain celebrity chef or two – ahem Giada & Anne Burrell.

But more on the intricacies of the conference later – I’ll just tell you all – PLEASE, do all you can to score yourself a ticket to this conference – I’m cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is and how exhilarating and inspiring it is for us librarians!

Follow along over the next few posts as I take you through MY journey at BEA 2013!

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  1. Hi,
    I'm author Black Coffee of True's Relate publishing LLC. I had a novel in the CombinedBook, PubMatch showcase. I look forward to the benefits of this blog. I hope it's library connected,as well.